Writing Bench is located and licensed in Greene County, Tennessee. Owner/Director Jeff Elkins has been successful at crafting top-scoring proposals and efficient workflow processes across diverse business models for over 15 years, primarily in information technology, healthcare, finance, and human services. Experienced in Grant Writing, Proposal Writing, and Knowledge Management, Jeff is passionate about helping both commercial and nonprofit organizations make a difference for the populations they serve.

“Thank you for all you have done… because of you we will be able to reach and help so many people. I’m looking forward to working with you more in the future.
Much love, M

Maureen Murphy, Board Member, Sharon’s Hope

“Conveying a message. Conveying a message in a compelling way that also meets the specific requirements of a target customer’s proposal. Conveying a message in a compelling way that meets the requirements AND is delivered flawlessly… That is the work that Jeff Elkins delivered…
Ann Kent, President, Kent Consulting Group

“Jeff brings passion, accountability and creativity to every situation. He is dedicated to exceeding customer expectations and is able to identify and solve problems quickly. Jeff is self-aware, honest and is dedicated to doing the right thing for his employees, colleagues, customers and the business.”
Robin Davis, AM.APMP, Owner, Robin Davis Consulting

“I would definitely recommend Jeff — you’ll want his passion for excellence contributing to your organization’s success.”
Claire Gadd, Senior Client Relationship Manager, ClaimTrust

When the project necessitates, Writing Bench becomes a collaboration of innovative language and business consultants, with proven expertise in marketing and other professional consulting. Let me know how I can help you succeed! Contact me for a phone, email, or in-person consultation anywhere in East Tennessee, Southern Virginia, or Northwest North Carolina.

Proud Member

Jeff Elkins, Member


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